Thursday, 22 June 2017

magazine display - looking for solutions

I am thinking about the intermim show, and how I might display my magazines.

I want them to be read.

Not precious objects, in your face, and easy to browse.

So I need a scenario like the one above, with one of the images from my magazine on the wall, to set the mood. A comfy chair, and an uncluttered environment.

The image above pops up when my photograph is uploaded on the printspace website. It certainly makes me want to buy my own print.....

Except I won't be allowed to display my work like this.. I am only allowed a limited amount of space and 'one piece of work'. I am not sure how flexible the curator will be in this regard, so I need to go armed with a good argument for displaying multiples as my 'piece'.

I like the idea though, of an ideal scenario, which sets the standard, and then compromise from there.

This might alos be useful in the future if one is given more space, or asked for a submission for an exhibition.

So what are the alternatives?

I found quite a few options that allow for wall hanging. I have the idea to hang several beside each other, to suggest multiplicity and availability.

Getting away from the precious object enclosed in a locked cabinet.

simple wall hang using ikea shelf; nice and simple

perspex book stand; a bit precious

sling hang; not good for encouraging reading

ideas for hanging knobs

more hanging knobs, using painted children's bricks

another wall hang; a bit heavy looking

open diplay; not one to encourage reading

browsing shelf. I am not a carpenter, and it looks ugly; more suitable for zines

newspaper stick; too much for a simple magazine

clever adjustable shelving. again does not encourage reading

beautiful wood display; I cannot make this....

perspex book pillow; more appropriate for a single, precious book

So after much consideration, the winner is.....

monkey fist knot

the monkey fist knot, tied on a black cord, and supspended from a hook ( yet to be chosen).

It only took two hours to learn how to make one...... thank you to 'The Weavers of Eternity'

The magazine hangs at a jaunty angle on this, and can easily be lifted to read, providing the height and length of the cord are right.

And I have printed some 'Handling Copy' labels to stick on the front of my magazines.

But after all is said and done, I would still rather have a print on the wall........

This is my magazine.

You can read it here

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